Immigrant Cultures Intersect in This Kitchen!

Tina Zita is a social initiative that enables immigrant groups living in Ankara to cook together and economically strengthen together. By creating menus suitable for the cooking skills of various immigrant groups, it creates an area where immigrant individuals and groups can realize their skills by providing active employment with the income they earn from the catering service they provide in Ankara.

Add Meaning

to Your Events

Every order you place from Tina Zita contributes to the economic empowerment of immigrant individuals!



Open Buffet

If you want to serve lunch and dinner, our various middle eastern dishes in the form of self-service is available.

Light Bites

Our tasting menus for Christmas parties, office celebrations and cocktail events is available.

Coffee Break

Our salty and sweet cookies, spiced from different middle eastern cuisines, are perfect for your breaks.


We have menus for you if you  organize meetings, seminars or events in the early hours, breakfast 

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