Tina zita plant .png


(Olive leave)




(Which symbolice the nature and sustainability)

The first plants planted by mankind in Palestine and Damascus are known as "figs" and "olives". Tina means fig, and Zita means olive.


Based on the curiosity and enthusiasm of humanity to produce, there is a story we learn from these fertile plants. It is a pleasure to produce together ... With this enthusiasm, as a group of women who pursue different dreams on the streets of Ankara, our paths are united for the same dream. And this unification took place in Yeşilöz, an immigrant neighborhood. The story of the people of Yeşilöz was not different from figs and olives. They left the lands where they were born and migrated to new places, like figs and olives.

We were inspired by the mutual past that humans and plants share. And we, who tried and witnessed the taste of immigrant dishes, started this journey with the question of whether we can use the unifying effect of food to bring different groups together by emphasizing the common history of humanity and culinary culture.

Today, Tina Zita is a social enterprise that aims to give economical support to immigrant groups that do not have a fixed income.